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Cicada Creative is a strategic creative agency that designs innovative custom experiences for our clients. We engage audiences by integrating digital and real-world experiences, bringing new ideas, designs and technologies that enhance your brand.

An interactive learning experience designed to help transform the Fraser River into a resilient watershed.

Created for Rivershed Society of BC, Watershed CPR inspires learners to actively explore the cultural, ecological and geographical aspects of the Fraser Watershed and become Watershed Defenders.

Canadian Geographic has used Cicada Creative on everything from quick turnaround projects, to creative directing our entire magazine. Exceptionally talented designers who deliver top quality work, and have a way of becoming your friends along the way.
Gilles Gagnier, COO, publisher Canadian Geographic

Education Project

Anthropocene is the proposed current geological epoch, in which humans are the primary cause of unprecedented and permanent planetary change. From buying and consuming food, to putting plastic packaging in the trash, to purchasing fast fashion clothing, most of us are unaware of our everyday common activities that place a demand on nature. Designed for Canadian students, The Anthropocene Education Program incorporates augmented and virtual reality, interactive art and film to teach just how humans are changing Earth’s natural systems.

Should I get my flu shot and why is it important? In this collection of interactive stories, the choice is yours.

Cicada produced a series of interactive scenarios where learners choose from a collection of demographically diverse personas and decide whether or not they get the flu vaccination. Programmed with historic statistics and supported by current data, the story continues through a simulated flu season. Background code will ultimately determine the outcome and demonstrate the importance of getting the shot.

In 1918 humankind is overwhelmed with an unusually deadly pandemic.

Unmasking Influenza, a Spanish Flu exhibit was launched at the 2018 Canadian Immunization Conference at Ottawa’s Shaw Centre. This centenary exhibit included information panels, a short archival film and numerous period artifacts.

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The Bluenose 100 website was developed to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of the original Bluenose fishing and racing schooner in 1921. Interactive components included layered maps illustrating the Bluenose 100 travel itinerary, an interactive ship’s log, and the opportunity for visitors to post their own Bluenose personal accounts and experiences.

App design for the Emergency Department for rapid and safe AAF and AAFL management.

The CAEP Acute Atrial Fibrillation/ Flutter Best Practices Checklist aims to standardize and improve care of AAF and AAFL in Emergency Departments. We believe that these patients can be managed rapidly and safely, with early ED discharge and return to normal activities.

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Taking the Reef Rescue
documentary to new depths

Coral bleaching is a global epidemic that reduces vibrant and thriving reefs to rubble. Scientists are racing to develop solutions in an effort to rescue and rebuild dead and dying reefs all over the world. Cicada designed this educational, interactive experience to support Vulcan Production’s documentary Reef Rescue. In conjunction with the documentary, learners can further explore the science, the people, and the strategies involved in the plan to save the Earth’s coral reefs.

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New design for new approaches to serious global health issues.

Orion Biotechnology needed a new brand to promote their innovative work in the treatment and prevention of the most serious chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases.

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Strength in our relationship

Cicada has been a part of the Strongbars Nutrition journey from its early days, helping to establish the corporate brand and the package design of its flagship product, Pure Strength Protein Bars, to today’s ever-growing list of product offerings. As Strongbars continues to evolve in support of the health and fitness community, Cicada remains working alongside to help Strongbars succeed.

Delivering the most up-to-date online training to healthcare professionals

We developed the training portal for CHA Learning – the professional development division of HealthCareCAN, and Canada’s only online healthcare learning provider for all Canadians.

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