Strategy is the key to success and all that jazz

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Strategy is the key to success and all that jazz

Louis Armstrong was an amazing jazz musician, so why not make music that is as close to his as possible? I wouldn’t want to listen to someone doing cover songs of Louis Armstrong if I could just listen to Louis Armstrong.

It’s always good to know the competitor’s website that a client prefers, but I would never want to deliver anything with a likeness to it. A brand is a unique identity, a differentiator, the best it can be. It’s not a Dummy Song, a likeness of the original.

Unique identity is derived from well thought out strategy. Having a website that is well thought out and confident enough to stand apart from other sites allows your brand to be a Miles Davis, respected and original.

Leave your feedback in the comments section below. Does strategy for a website make you think So What or What a Wonderful World this would be if your brand were unique?

By: Ryan Brinkhurst

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