Life Hack for Creatives

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Life Hack for Creatives

The greatest improvisational comedians set an incredibly high creative bar. The spur-of-the-moment challenge of random and unlikely audience suggestions often lead to bizarre scenarios and inspired hilarity. I believe the nature of that challenge is the very key to invention. It seems to me that solutions forged through arbitrary or implausible connections are likely to be fresher and more interesting than what might normally be available to a mind at rest.

Now for the hack part: Make an extensive list of genres and sub genres you find in literature, movies, music and visual arts—Science Fiction, Horror, Detective, Fairy Tales, Haiku, Westerns, Reggae, Art Deco, Self Help, Travel… (you get the picture). Select something from the list to use as a lens through which to view your creative task and notice how it opens the door to new and innovative ideas. Even applying genres associated with unrelated artistic disciplines can add huge value. Imagine how cubism could impact a written work of fiction, or how a poster with a psychedelic rock vibe might stand apart.

You don’t have to be a professional songwriter or sculptor to benefit. Integrating unique frames of reference will enhance your creative output and elevate your well being, whether you are planting a garden, cooking a special meal or just deciding what to wear. Shake things up, explore what’s possible and, above all, have fun.  

By: Bob Coady

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Ellen-Clare O'Gallagher

June 27, 2018 Reply

Interesting, Bob. It's a technique actors use but I never thought of using it in other ways. Thanks for the piece.
Ellen Clare


    July 2, 2018 Reply

    Hi Ellen-Clare. I remember hearing that Quentin Tarantino, while directing Pulp Fiction, suggested John Travolta channel his inner predatory cat during his dance scene with Uma Thurman.

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