The quintessential sound of summer. A hum in the hot air that may go unnoticed until it stops. The cicada’s amazing lifestyle has been a source of fascination since ancient times. Several cultures, such as the ancient Chinese, regarded these insects as powerful symbols of rebirth. To us, it means happy, productive days in a thriving ecosystem.

Curiously enough, Cicadas emerge in broods every seventeen years.


Cicada Creative Inc. officially opened its doors in 2011 but has been quietly in the making since 1994 (seventeen years in the making for those of you counting). With close to 50 years of combined experience in the graphic design industry, Scott and Bob offer clients a relationship with Cicada that is uniquely creative and highly responsive. Our centrally located studio in Little Italy offers amazing patios and cafés where you can escape the office and brainstorm your next project with us.


We provide intelligent design solutions that communicate your message and enhance your brand, but it’s our open, collaborative working style that really sets us apart. Our capacity to connect with you and our respect for your vision leads to trustworthy relationships that yield insights and fresh perspectives. We engage comfortably across many industries, including eLearning, professional services, real estate, high technology, healthcare, and the sciences sector.

Scott Acker

Creative Director

Bob Coady

Creative Director

Ryan Brinkhurst

Technical Director